How many advantages do you know about disposable products in hotels?

  It is believed that all of us are familiar with the disposable articles in the hotel. Especially for those who often travel outside, staying in the hotel can be said to be like a common meal. Here, I have to mention the disposable articles used in the hotel. Some people will choose to bring their own towels and other articles when staying in the hotel, while others will choose to use the disposable articles in the hotel. Which of the two would you choose? Today, Xiao Bian is here to explain the advantages of disposable articles in the hotel. Let's take a look.

  1. Hygiene: The paper packaging in the hotel is disposable and sanitary. For example, the toiletries, toothbrushes, etc. must not be used by one customer before being used by the next customer.

  2. Recyclability: Most disposable products can be recycled, such as paper and plastic. At present, there are special staff all over the country to collect plastic recyclables. The recycled plastic can be used to make garbage bags, trash cans and other products, which costs less than the price of direct purchase of raw materials.

  3. Tableware: disposable tableware is most conducive to sanitation, and it is a good choice for some restaurants that are not skilled in washing technology.

  4. Myth (1): About 90% of people believe that disposable products will greatly pollute the environment, but this is not the case. Proper use of disposable products will not cause excessive pollution to the environment.

  5. Myth (2): Although disposable hotel supplies have an impact on the environment, some of the pollution has been removed in terms of recyclability, and the other part of the pollution has been explained in the previous article. In fact, not saving is the culprit of environmental damage.

  Having seen the advantages of the disposable products in the above hotels, will you still choose to bring your own towels and other products when you check in the hotel?