What are the benefits of using disposable soap in hotels?

  The first thing we thought of was that soap could help us clean our skin. It was an indispensable commodity in our daily life. Toilet soap is also a disposable article for hotel rooms. What are the smart uses of disposable soap for hotel besides cleaning skin? Now let Bangyike explain to you:

  Cleaning hotel rooms: Similarly, since soap can clean our skin, it can also clean other objects, such as the shutters in the guest rooms. When cleaning the shutters, you can wear gloves and soak some configured soap water to slowly scrub them one by one, and the shutters become shiny as new in a moment. In addition to the shutters, the mirrors and glass windows in the bathroom of the guest room can also be cleaned with soap water. The mirror in the bathroom will become blurred when encountering water mist. We will wipe it with soap and then use a dry cloth to clean it. The mirror will not fog and can last for a period of time.

  The role of lubricant: some objects in the hotel will age after being used for a long time, and the old ones will not be as good as the new ones. After using the shutter for a long time, the pull rope of the curtain will become difficult to pull, and the effect will be much better if you can move it again several times after applying soap. The method of using disposable soap as lubricant is effective for aging and difficult to pull drawers and clothes zippers. These soaps can be used by the hotel. In addition to saving the hotel's resource expenditure, they can also solve some small problems in life for the guests, optimize the sanitary environment of the guest room, and return to the hotel with satisfaction.

  Removal of odor: under the condition of not affecting the user's use and experience, the disposable soap can be put into the wardrobe, drawer or shoe cabinet to achieve the effect of fragrant storage space. It can also be used in the bathroom. For example, put the broken soap into a bottle and add boiling water to make the soap soft. At this time, it will emit fragrance. Also use some soap water when cleaning the trash can, which can also remove the odor.

  Anti itching and anti perspiration: room staff can also keep disposable soap for emergencies. For example, when you get itchy after being bitten by mosquitoes, dip a little water with soap and directly smear it on the bitten position, which can quickly stop itching. When we wear a watch in summer, it is easy to corrode the watch by sweating too much. We can apply a little soap on the metal shell of the watch and then wipe it with a cloth to prevent sweat from corroding the watch.